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1. The lender is a natural person with full capacity for civil conduct, has economic income and loan repayment ability, and has a good personal credit status.

2. The borrower and his unit have established a housing provident fund system, and the full payment and deposit of the housing provident fund at the time of the loan is lower than the specified time, and the housing provident fund loan occurs or is fully repaid.

3. With a legal purchase or agreement, the borrower should be the owner of the agreed property right of the purchase, and the purchased housing is newly built housing, transactional housing (stock housing), affordable housing, unit-funded housing, and shantytown renovation and relocation within the administrative area of ​​Jinan City. Resettlement housing and construction, renovation, overhaul of ordinary housing.

When the borrower applies for a housing provident fund loan, he and the borrower still have a commercial loan balance, and they should pay off the commercial loan balance, the commercial loan amount in this application combination loan and the housing provident fund loan amount this application to calculate their loan repayment ability.

The personal housing provident fund loan quota borrower's application amount and limit standard are calculated and determined, and the relevant regulations are handled when implementing the national differentiated credit policy. The approval of housing provident fund loan quota shall meet the following limit standards at the same time:

The borrower and the borrower's provident fund deposit account have paid in full for more than 6 months, and the deposit time factor is as follows:

If the borrower pays the housing provident fund alone or as a spouse, one more person who is willing to be a borrower and pays the housing provident fund can be added to calculate the housing provident fund of employees. In addition to the joint and several liability of the borrower to repay the housing provident fund loan, the borrower shall implement the housing provident fund loan policy.

Borrowers and borrowers can try out the above two formulas, and the maximum amount can be used to determine the loan amount. Each loan borrower and borrower can only choose one calculation formula.

The above two calculation formulas of the borrower's family calculate the loan amount of 100,000 yuan, and the loan amount of 100,000 yuan is determined.

When the borrower applies for a housing provident fund loan that is not enough to pay for the funds needed to purchase a house, he may apply for a housing provident fund loan from a commercial bank to apply for a combined loan.

Now Mr. Zhang was dumbfounded, and he asked what was going on. The real estate consultant explained, "Maybe the cooperative bank is the same for each building." She said that Mr. Zhang now sees that this building has cooperation with other banks, but they do not have this bank to apply for provident fund loans.

Here is where you enter to calculate your down payment. The down payment varies with your city, personal credit, and housing conditions. Combined with the actual situation, it is recommended that you consult a consultant.

Note: This calculation is used as a reference for buying a house, and it is recommended to consult a professional consultant to understand the down payment and loan plan based on the actual situation

Your personal information will be kept confidential, please feel free to fill in

The consultant will provide you with exclusive service for the first time, please wait a moment

Hello, thank you for your concern about the housing provident fund work, the content of your consultation, the relevant content of the "Jinan City Personal Housing Loan Transfer Housing Provident Fund Loan Interim Measures" is forwarded as follows:

Article 3 You can only apply for an individual housing (commercial) loan to be converted into a housing provident fund loan, but not a combination loan, and the original individual housing combination loan cannot be applied for conversion to a provident fund loan.

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Jinan real estate

What are the requirements for a provident fund loan in Jinan?

Article 6 To apply for a provident fund loan, in addition to the provisions of Article 5, the following conditions must be met:

2. The repayment time of the applicant's personal housing loan has reached the repayment time specified by the loan bank, and there is no repayment record.

Developers, buying a house with full payment can speed up the flow of funds. Therefore, in the first half of the year, some high-end real estate in the eastern part of the country prioritized the selection of houses with full payment, and began to transfer to individual real estate in the second half of the year. In addition, even if there is a real estate that requires full payment priority, 60% of the down payment is required.

Mr. Zhang, a citizen, has been working in Jinan for 3 years. Since last year, he has been looking around for houses, but he has not found any real estate.

"Recently, I feel that I can't procrastinate any longer, and I'm afraid that the bank's interest rate will go up." Mr. Zhang said that he heard that the bank started to implement the benchmark interest rate, which has risen by 10%, so he was a little restless. , Mr. Zhang's wife comforted him, "Our provident fund is useless, and we won't spend too much money."

Recently, Mr. Zhang chose a newly opened property near Dikou Road. "I paid attention to this real estate last year." Mr. Zhang said that in May last year, he participated in the financing of the real estate, and the real estate consultant guaranteed that he could use the provident fund loan. After he inquired this time, the real estate consultant told him that the newly opened building was not allowed to use the provident fund, and he could only choose commercial loans.

Now Mr. Zhang was dumbfounded, and he asked what was going on. The real estate consultant explained, "Maybe the cooperative bank is the same for each building." She said that Mr. Zhang now sees that this building has cooperation with other banks, but they do not have this bank to apply for provident fund loans.

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City Vanke City

Jinan's first home loan policy: down payment of at least 30% for commercial loans and 20% of provident fund

, The reporter visited 6 real estate properties in Tianqiao, Licheng, and High-tech Zone, and found that Mr. Zhang's report was not an exception. These 6 real estate properties allowed the use of provident funds. Because there are too many citizens who come to consult the provident fund of some real estate projects, some real estate consultants directly send out the message "please go in with the full payment, the mortgage blocks the door, and the provident fund will move the car away" directly on Moments.

"Now I think the provident fund is real!" A large-scale real estate in Licheng District, the reporter met the family of Mr. Wang, a former citizen of the city. He introduced that he had encountered a similar experience recently.

"This real estate clearly allowed the use of provident funds in the first half of last year." Mr. Wang said that when he came to consult this year, he was told that he could only use commercial loans. I understand that Mr. Wang is interested in this small apartment with a total price of 1 million yuan. He originally planned to borrow 700,000 yuan, of which 300,000 yuan is a provident fund loan, and he plans to pay it off in 30 years.

According to Mr. Wang's calculations, if the provident fund interest rate is 3.25%, and the commercial loan interest rate is 4.9%, the interest rate for 30 years will be nearly 530,000. And if all choose to use commercial loans, the total interest will be 630,000. "An extra 100,000 is needed, and this does not take into account the rise in bank interest rates." Mr. Wang said.

In a similar situation, the reporter consulted the Jinan Provident Fund Management Center. "There are indeed developers who have such a situation." A staff member of the center explained that as long as the developers have "complete five certificates", and some of the real estate development reaches a corresponding scale, they can come to Jinan City Provident Fund Management Center for filing and then apply for provident fund loans.

But in reality, although the Jinan City Provident Fund Management Center encourages developers to come forward for the record, some developers are not "cold", "we can't force it".

An industry insider in the real estate industry in Jinan said that the reason why provident fund loans are "welcome" by developers at this stage is mainly because provident fund loans "return money and make money."

"Developers mainly consider withdrawing funds." The industry insider said that in the seller's market, banks tightened loans, and developers were affected by capital turnover. Therefore, when there are many projects, developers consider how to withdraw funds. And provident fund loans because of the procedures, the developers are not willing to waste time.

Secondly, providing provident fund loans to make money is another reason. "Every building will choose to cooperate with a bank intermediary." Industry insiders said, but bank intermediaries are willing to do provident fund loans to make money, and real estate companies are willing to follow up and provide this service.

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