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Bad money to buy. Other than local tyrants, it depends on what school you want your child to go to, secondly depends on your living requirements, and then depends on how you will deal with the school district house in the future.

Bengbu Primary School ranked first should be recognized as our school. Most of the houses corresponding to the school district are commercial. Last year, my colleagues bought more than 50 square meters for more than 900,000 yuan, the type of apartment, and the living environment. It is suitable for people who buy a school place, rent it for a few years and sell it.

Secondly, the second real small school, the Xincheng main school should be similar. There are many houses corresponding to the school district, which is the community, transportation and life. The house price is 11,230. In addition, the second real Xiaodong school itself has no strength, but it is promoted to the sixth middle school just like our school. In addition, it is said that Sanshi is small, because I have basically never been to Yuhui District to understand the school district housing and living environment, so I gave an answer.

Some housing listings are clearly marked with "what time is available" and "empty places", which account for the eligibility of the school district, and various discourse descriptions are full of hints about the school district housing.

After the group purchase, Fangtianxia will do its best to help you get a discount. If you can’t get the discount for this real estate, we will recommend you a similar discounted real estate. Stay tuned:)

Green, but complete. It is not possible to fully determine the development potential now, it still depends on the future regional planning

Is this property a local developer? Or what developer? Real estate, location, surrounding environment -,, pleasant climate.

There are schools around; primary and secondary schools: Huaiyuan No. 1 Middle School Huaixi Campus and Huaiyuan No. 2 Middle School. It is very close for children to go to school.

Go to the real estate site to see this question. Seeing is believing. If you really understand, you can ask the staff at the sales office to find out your actual situation.

It can be seen that these retrieved listings represent "school district housing", replaced by punctuation marks, reversed word order, and pinyin.

Recently, a number of private schools in Bengbu have been converted to public or cooperative public schools, and they have received an affirmative reply from the government.

After the introduction of the "double reduction" policy, the suppression and hype of school district housing related policies stopped.

At the end of last year, actions were taken in many places across the country.

In November 2021, Xining City, Qinghai issued new regulations, requiring all units and institutions not to publish real estate information in the name of "school district housing" and hype housing prices, so as to regulate real estate sales promotion, prevent hype housing prices in the name of "school district housing", and promote the development of the real estate market .

First-tier hotspot cities, such as Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, and Beijing school districts, are attacking hard.

The report proposes a series of new measures to promote the high-quality development of compulsory education, such as:

It has not been a day or two since Shenzhen has been operating on education. It has been 5 months since the enrollment and implementation of university districts, and some campuses have implemented teacher rotation.

The faculty of prestigious schools, if the faculty is mobile, then the so-called blessing of prestigious schools will be weakened a lot.

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I want to buy a house in Bengbu, Anhui, I have 2 children going to school, I want to buy a school district

What are the properties in Bengbu Sanshi Primary School District

After this year, to suppress the school district housing, the official has a new move!

Develop group school-running guidelines. Fully implement the examination-free coverage of nearby enrollment and "citizens' same recruitment", and guide all localities to improve school zoning policies. Do a good job in the schooling of children of migrant workers. Revised and promulgated student status management measures to strictly regulate student status management.

Just looking at the documents, some people may get excited when they see the reaffirmation of "enrollment nearby", thinking that it is a school district room. But in fact, the mention of "nearest admission" this time is to be paired with "school zoning", which does not mean the nearest admission in a straight line.

On the contrary, many friends believe that the signal behind this Ministry of Education document is to make education fair and eliminate the worship of school district housing.

In general, the cooling of school district housing has become an indisputable fact.

In the future, there will be a trend towards balanced education and group school running. School district housing will get rid of the "must have" label!

Recently, a number of private schools in Bengbu have been converted to public or cooperative public schools, and they have received an affirmative reply from the government.

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Bengbu Huayu Junyue Mansion real estate details

Bengbu school district price list in 2023

I understand that the eight ministries and commissions of the Ministry of Education jointly issued a document to comprehensively regulate public-sector and private-run schools in the compulsory education stage, with a transition period of two years.

A number of private schools have been converted to public or stopped running schools, and the work of private to public transfers has started in various places.

The school district is not static. The education department will adjust the number of students and the scope of the school district every year. Therefore, when purchasing, consult the relevant education department and the school in the school district, and ask the developer whether the real estate belongs to the school district.

When buying a house, the quality of the house is the first, and the school district is the second. Therefore, when buying, you must clarify the primary and secondary relationships.

Affected by the number of students, the education department may fine-tune the enrollment area of ​​each school every year. It is possible that this year the district is a school district house, and it will be adjusted next year. When parents purchase "school district housing", they should go to the local education bureau to consult the school district division policy, and do not buy houses near the boundary between two school districts.

What is the cooperative relationship between the branch school and the headquarter of the famous school? Where are the teachers exported? For a school, the teachers are the key factors related to the growth of the school. Some branch schools only export part of their teachers to manage cooperative schools, and some just put their names on it, and the developers promote it… It is not considered a branch school within the framework system in the sense.

Housing in school districts is the darling of the real estate market. Under the background of the overall cold weather in Bengbu's property market this year, housing prices in school districts are soaring. The school district is the selling point of the real estate promotion. The developer’s previous promise of a prestigious school district can often be fulfilled after the project is completed. The owners have had disputes with the developer because of the school district.

"Before the real estate is handed over, the Education Bureau will not clearly define the school district of the real estate. Even if a real estate says 'adjacent to a famous school', it is in its school district. It is a street away, and the school district may be the same. After the school district of the new house is handed over, see the release of the education department that year." "Is there such a real estate project on the "school district division"?" "Before the Education Bureau announces the school district division, there is a risk in the purchase of a school district house by the buyer. Therefore, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce promulgated the regulations to a certain extent. Guarantee the rights and interests of home buyers."

The Bengbu Municipal Education Bureau announced the "2016 Bengbu Urban Compulsory Education Stage School Enrollment Opinions", which not only clarified that part of the school will be handed over to the corresponding schools in the community, but also has an adjustment-the registration requirements require that the household registration and real estate certificate information be unified, but the real estate Prove the main. The population with household registration and real estate separation is increasing day by day, and children have choices for studying.

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