【Lishui Xinhu International House】Exploring the Wonders of Lishui Xinhu International House

Lishui Xinhu International House is an architectural marvel located in Lishui city, Zhejiang province, China. The building serves as a multi-purpose complex with offices, residential apartments, and commercial spaces. It is a popular tourist destination and has become an iconic landmark of Lishui city. In this article, we will explore the features and attractions of Lishui Xinhu International House.

Unique Features

Lishui Xinhu International House is an ultra-modern skyscraper standing at a height of 128 meters. The building has a unique design, which incorporates elements of nature such as the sun, the moon, and the river. The structure is supported by 4 pillars that resemble the trunks of bamboo trees. The building has a total of 28 floors, including 4 underground floors. The top floor of the building is a revolving restaurant that offers panoramic views of the city.


Lishui Xinhu International House is home to several commercial spaces, including high-end retail stores, restaurants, and cafes. The building also has a luxury hotel, which offers world-class facilities and services to its guests. The hotel rooms are spacious and well-appointed, with modern amenities such as flat-screen TVs, high-speed internet, and minibars. The hotel also has a fitness center, a spa, and a swimming pool.

Another attraction of Lishui Xinhu International House is the observation deck on the 27th floor. The observation deck offers spectacular views of the city and the surrounding mountains. Visitors can also walk on the glass-floor observation deck, which is a thrilling experience.

Lishui, a prefecture-level city in the Zhejiang province of China, is known for its natural beauty, cultural heritage, and modern infrastructure. Lishui has recently become a popular destination for professionals, students, and expats who seek a comfortable and convenient lifestyle. Among the many residential options in Lishui, Xinhu International House stands out as a prime choice for those who value quality living.

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The Location

Xinhu International House is located in the heart of Lishui’s central business district, overlooking the scenic Oujiang River. The building is within walking distance of major shopping centers, restaurants, parks, and entertainment venues. The location is also convenient for transportation, with easy access to bus and metro stations.

The Building

Xinhu International House is a high-rise building that offers a range of apartment sizes and layouts to suit different needs. The apartments are designed with modern aesthetics and functionality in mind, featuring high ceilings, large windows, and quality furnishings. The building also provides 24-hour security, maintenance, and reception services, ensuring a safe and hassle-free living experience.

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The Amenities

Xinhu International House offers a variety of amenities that cater to the residents’ needs and preferences. The building has a fitness center, a swimming pool, a sauna, and a yoga room, providing ample opportunities for exercise and relaxation. The common areas are well-maintained and decorated with art pieces, creating a pleasant atmosphere for socializing and networking. The building also provides laundry and housekeeping services, making daily chores easier to manage.


Lishui Xinhu International House is a modern living experience that combines convenience, comfort, and style. The building’s prime location, quality design, and range of amenities make it a top choice for those who want to live in Lishui’s vibrant city center. Whether you are a young professional, a student, or an expat, Xinhu International House offers a lifestyle that suits your needs and aspirations. Visit Xinhu International House today and discover the joys of modern living in Lishui!

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