【Lost the deposit receipt for the house purchase】The Importance of Keeping Your Deposit Receipt When Purchasing a House

Purchasing a house is a significant financial investment that requires careful consideration and documentation. One essential part of the home buying process is the deposit receipt. However, it’s not uncommon for homebuyers to misplace or lose this critical receipt. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t panic. There are several steps you can take to recover the deposit receipt.

Contact the Seller or Real Estate Agent

The first step you should take if you’ve lost your deposit receipt is to contact the seller or real estate agent involved in the transaction. They may have a copy of the receipt or be able to provide you with a duplicate. Be sure to explain your situation and provide any information you remember about the deposit, such as the amount, date, and payment method. If you’re lucky, the seller or agent may be able to provide you with a copy of the receipt promptly.

Contact Your Bank

If you made the deposit through a bank, you could contact them to request a copy of the deposit receipt. You may need to provide some identification and information about the transaction, such as the amount and date. However, banks are usually able to provide copies of receipts for financial transactions, so you should be able to retrieve the deposit receipt from them.

Check Your Records

If you’re unable to retrieve the deposit receipt from the seller, agent, or bank, your next step should be to check your records. Review your bank statements or any other financial records you have related to the transaction. You may have a record of the deposit payment, which could include the deposit receipt. If you made the deposit using a check or credit card, you could check those statements for any relevant information.

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Look for Electronic Copies

If you have made an electronic transfer for the deposit, you may be in luck. Check your email and bank statements for evidence of the payment. If you find it, print it out and keep it safe. In the event that you cannot locate the original deposit receipt, this evidence of payment will be sufficient.

Speak to the Seller

If you cannot find an electronic copy, the next step is to speak to the seller. They may be able to provide you with a duplicate, or at least confirm that they received the payment. If they are unresponsive or unwilling to help, speak to your real estate agent or conveyancer. They may also be able to help you retrieve the receipt.

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Get a Statutory Declaration

If all else fails, you can obtain a statutory declaration. This is a formal written statement that declares particular facts, in this case, that you paid a deposit for your property. You will need to provide evidence of the payment, such as bank statements, and sign the declaration in the presence of a qualified witness, such as a lawyer or Justice of the Peace.


Losing the deposit receipt for your house purchase can be frustrating, but it’s not the end of the world. By following the steps outlined above, you can still prove that you made the payment and secure your property. Remember, it’s always essential to keep copies of all paperwork relating to your property purchase in a safe and secure location.

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