【Nanjing collective account moved into property owner's house】”Nanjing Collective Account Moves into Property Owner’s House”

In China, collective accounts are an important tool for organizing and managing the finances of communities. These accounts are typically managed by a committee of residents, and the funds are used for projects that benefit the community as a whole. However, a recent incident in Nanjing has raised concerns about the safety and security of these accounts.

The Incident

According to reports, the collective account of a residential community in Nanjing was recently moved into the house of one of the property owners. The committee responsible for managing the account allegedly made the decision without consulting the other residents, and the move was not authorized by any government agency.

The property owner who received the funds has since disappeared, along with the money. The incident has sparked outrage among residents, who are calling for an investigation into the matter. Many are concerned that this is not an isolated incident and that other collective accounts may be at risk.

The Risks of Collective Accounts

Collective accounts are a valuable resource for communities, but they also come with significant risks. Because they are managed by a small group of people, there is always the potential for fraud and misuse of funds. In some cases, committee members may use the funds for personal gain or make decisions without the consent of other residents.

To mitigate these risks, it is important for communities to establish clear guidelines and procedures for managing collective accounts. This should include regular audits of the accounts and strict oversight of committee members. Residents should also be informed about the use of the funds and have a say in how they are spent.

In Nanjing, it has been reported that a collective account has been moved into a property owner’s house. This news has sparked controversy and raised questions about the management of collective accounts. In this article, we will discuss the details of this incident and its implications for property owners in Nanjing.

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The Collective Account System in Nanjing

In Nanjing, the collective account system is a common practice in property management. This system is used to collect fees from property owners for maintenance and repairs of common areas such as elevators, roofs, and gardens. The funds in the collective account are managed by the property management company and are used for the benefit of all property owners.

The Incident

Recently, it was reported that the collective account of a residential complex in Nanjing was moved into the house of a property owner by the property management company. The property owner happened to be the director of the management company. It was alleged that the director had used his position to gain access to the funds in the collective account and transferred them to his personal account.

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Implications for Property Owners

This incident has raised concerns about the management of collective accounts in Nanjing. Property owners are now questioning the security of their funds and the transparency of the management company. They are also concerned about the lack of oversight and regulation of the collective account system.


The incident of the collective account being moved into a property owner’s house has brought to light the need for better regulation and oversight of the system in Nanjing. Property owners must be vigilant and demand transparency in the management of their funds. The government and regulatory bodies must also take action to ensure that the collective account system is properly managed and secure. This incident serves as a reminder that the collective account system is a crucial aspect of property management and must be managed with utmost care and accountability.

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