【Songjiang 170 house auction】”Insider’s Guide to the Songjiang 170 House Auction: Everything You Need to Know”

In recent years, the real estate market in China has seen a rapid rise in property prices, leading to an increase in demand for affordable housing. One such attempt to meet this demand was the construction of the Songjiang 170 housing project in Shanghai. However, the project has recently been in the news due to an auction of its properties. In this article, we discuss the story behind the Songjiang 170 house auction and its implications.

The Songjiang 170 Housing Project

The Songjiang 170 housing project is a government-backed initiative to build affordable housing for low-income families in Shanghai. The project comprises 170 apartments, with a total area of 11,000 square meters. The apartments were priced at around 13,000 yuan per square meter, significantly lower than the market rate in Shanghai.

The Auction

Despite the affordable pricing, the Songjiang 170 housing project failed to attract buyers initially. This was due to its remote location and lack of amenities. As a result, the developer decided to auction off the apartments in a bid to recoup their investment. The auction, which took place in August 2021, attracted several buyers, and all of the apartments were sold within a few hours.


The Songjiang 170 house auction has several implications for the real estate market in China. Firstly, it highlights the demand for affordable housing in the country, especially in metropolitan areas like Shanghai. Secondly, it shows that developers are willing to experiment with new models to meet this demand, such as government-backed projects. Finally, it demonstrates that auctions can be an effective way to sell properties, even in challenging market conditions.

The Background of Songjiang 170 House Auction

The Songjiang 170 House is located in Shanghai, China, and covers an area of over 15,000 square meters. The property was initially developed by a local real estate company, who had high hopes for the project. However, the company ran into financial difficulties, and the property was eventually seized by the government.

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The Auction of Songjiang 170 House

After the government seized the property, they decided to auction it off to recover some of the outstanding debts owed by the previous owner. The auction was held in 2019, and there was a lot of interest from potential buyers. The starting bid for the property was set at 1.8 billion yuan, which is equivalent to around $280 million USD. However, despite the high level of interest, there were no bidders, and the property remained unsold.

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The Aftermath of Songjiang 170 House Auction

The failure of the Songjiang 170 House Auction was a surprise to many, as the property was located in a prime location and had a lot of potential. However, there were several factors that contributed to the lack of interest in the property. Firstly, the starting bid was set too high, which may have scared off potential buyers. Additionally, the real estate market in China was starting to slow down, which may have made investors more cautious.


The Songjiang 170 House Auction is a cautionary tale for both property developers and investors. It highlights the importance of setting realistic prices and understanding the current state of the real estate market. While the property may not have sold at auction, it is still a valuable asset, and there may be other opportunities to develop the property in the future.

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