【Zhoushan Yancang house】Exploring the Beauty of Zhoushan Yancang House: A Hidden Gem in China

Zhoushan Yancang house, also known as fisherman’s house, is a traditional dwelling that is unique to the Zhoushan Islands in China. This house is found mostly in the fishing villages of Zhoushan, and it has become an important cultural symbol of the region. In this article, we will explore the fascinating features of Zhoushan Yancang house.

History and Background

The origin of the Zhoushan Yancang house can be traced back to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). These houses were built by fishermen who needed shelter while they were out at sea. The design of the house takes into consideration the topography of the island, and it is built in such a way that it is resistant to typhoons and other natural disasters that are common in the region.

Unique Features

The most notable feature of the Zhoushan Yancang house is its design. The house is built on stilts, which elevates it above the ground and protects it from flooding during high tide. The house is also built facing the sea, which provides a beautiful view of the ocean. The roof of the house is sloped, and it is made of thatch or tiles. The walls of the house are made of wood, and they are painted in bright colors, which adds to the beauty of the house.

Another unique feature of the Zhoushan Yancang house is the use of space. The house is designed to be compact, and every inch of space is utilized. The living room, kitchen, and bedroom are all located in the same room, and they are separated by screens or curtains. This design allows for better ventilation and natural lighting.

Preservation and Future

In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the cultural significance of the Zhoushan Yancang house. Efforts are being made to preserve these houses, which are an important part of the region’s cultural heritage. There are also plans to develop these houses into tourist attractions, which will allow visitors to experience the unique culture and lifestyle of the fishing villages of Zhoushan.


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Zhoushan is a beautiful city located in the eastern part of China. It is known for its scenic beauty, rich cultural heritage, and delicious seafood. Visitors from all over the world come to Zhoushan to explore its many attractions. One of these attractions is the Yancang House. In this article, we will explore the Yancang House and what makes it a must-visit destination in Zhoushan.

The Yancang House

The Yancang House is located in the Putuo District of Zhoushan. It is a traditional Chinese house that has been renovated and turned into a museum. The house was built during the Qing dynasty and has been well-preserved over the years. The Yancang House is a fine example of traditional Chinese architecture and design. The house is made of wood and has a curved roof that slopes downwards. The walls of the house are decorated with intricate carvings and paintings that depict scenes from Chinese mythology and history.

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The Yancang House has been turned into a museum that showcases the history and culture of Zhoushan. The museum has several exhibits that display artifacts and objects from the region’s history. Visitors can learn about the local customs, traditions, and way of life in Zhoushan. The Yancang House also has a beautiful garden that is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Exploring Zhoushan

Zhoushan is a beautiful city that is full of attractions for visitors to explore. Besides the Yancang House, there are many other places of interest in Zhoushan. Visitors can take a boat tour to explore the many islands that surround Zhoushan. The Putuo Mountain is another popular destination that is known for its temples and natural beauty. Zhoushan is also famous for its seafood, and visitors can enjoy fresh and delicious seafood at the local restaurants.


The Yancang House is a must-visit destination in Zhoushan. It is a fine example of traditional Chinese architecture and design. The museum inside the house showcases the rich history and culture of Zhoushan. Visitors to Zhoushan can explore the many attractions that the city has to offer, such as the Putuo Mountain and the surrounding islands. Zhoushan is a beautiful city that is full of surprises and is definitely worth a visit.

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